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BOLT 007 Armies of Italy and the Axis

BOLT 007 Armies of Italy and the Axis BOLT 007 Armies of Italy and the Axis
Autor: Warlord Games, Peter Dennis (Illustrator)
Data publikacji: 2013-11
ISBN: 9781782007708
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 0.2 x 18.6 x 24.2 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 96
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Opis produktu:

While many nations flocked to the side of the Allies, others joined forces with Germany as part of the Axis. This volume is the definitive guide to the armies of Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Finland. Fight the Winter War against the Soviets, hold back the British in North Africa, or help shore up the German offensives on the Eastern Front with this latest supplement for Bolt Action.

  • Introduction
  • Army Lists
  • Theatres


Meet the Author

Warlord Games is one of the world's leading producers of wargaming miniatures, as well as the publisher of the successful Black Powder and Hail Caesar rule sets. Their Bolt Action range of 28mm World War II miniatures is the most extensive on the market and continues to grow and develop.



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