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RAF Bomber Losses: v. 1: Middle East and Mediterranean 1939-1942 (Raf Bomber Command Losses)

RAF Bomber Losses: v. 1: Middle East and Mediterranean 1939-1942 (Raf Bomber Command Losses)
Autor: D. Gunby, P. Temple
Data publikacji: 2006-11
ISBN: 9781857802344
Wydawca: Midland Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 15.5 x 22.9 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 250
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Opis produktu:

Each entry is set out in the sequence of entries for a single day. Losses are recorded by unit and then within each unit by the serial number of the aircraft involved. The entries are accompanied by commentaries, which are provided at appropriate points. The number of losses recorded in this volume will be somewhere in the region of 1700. These will include aircraft from the RAF, South African Airforce, Free French Airforce, US Army Airforce, during the periods when these air arms were operating under direct RAF control.


I bought this book as part of my research into a larger project on the air fighting that took place in Tunisia following Operation TORCH. My only regret is that this volume ends on 31 December 1942 while the campaign continued until May 1943. This is intended as a reference source for aircraft losses, not a narrative history of RAF bomber operations. The authors have succeeded in producing a well-researched listing of the losses, beginning at the start of the war when many aircraft crashed while being ferried from one theater to another, continuing through 1940 when the RAF began fighting the Italian Air Force (whose fighters shot down a surprising amount of RAF aircraft apparently), before reaching a crescendo in 1941 when the RAF finds itself pitted against the Luftwaffe and Vichy French Air Force. The aerial combat continues through 1942 as the Afrika Korps and their Italian allies grapple with the Eighth Army for control of North Africa. Bomber operations during the Greek and Crete campaigns are also covered. I especially liked it when the authors matched up opponents (Italian, French, and German pilots) with the aircraft loss in question. While it covers Wellingtons and Blenheims operating from Malta, it does not discuss the torpedo aircraft or Beaufighters operating from the island. Highly recommended for aviation enthusiasts with an interest in this theater of war. Looking forward to Volume II!

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