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5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands War

5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands War
Autor: Nick van der Bijl
Data publikacji: 2002-06
ISBN: 9780850529487
Wydawca: PEN & SWORD
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 2.5 x 15.4 x 24.3 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 224
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For many people it was 3 Commando Brigade, that recaptured the Falklands. Yet 5th Infantry Brigade, hastily cobbled together and rushed south, played a key and until now little acknowledged role in this extraordinary saga. Many felt it was inadequately trained when it sailed from Southampton on the QE2 and this view was given substance by early disasters such as the tragedy at Bluff Cove. Yet by the end, its contribution, of which Tumbledown is the best known, could not be denied, and it is here described for the first time.
This is a super book which is essential reading for anyone interested in the Falklands campaign.

Who and what comprised 5th Infantry Brigade is set out in great detail. The chopping and changing of components that took place in the UK and down in the South Atlantic is well described, as is the evident confusion about what the role of the Brigade was intended to be. Was it to garrison the Falklands when the war was won, or to help win that battle?

One cannot but feel sympathy for Brigadier Wilson and his Brigade, fighting a war for which they had not trained with assets that were either unfamiliar (amphibious ships) or in short supply (helicopters). The coordination with 3 Commando Brigade is also covered.

Despite the title, this book is much more than the story of "5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands War." There is extensive detail on the strengths of the Argentine units, with first-hand accounts from the defenders. Input from the other British commanders paints a sympathetic but also honest account of the campaign.

Yes, there are errors and I would reject the authors' assertion that it was "one of the most pointless wars of the 20th Century." British forces emerged victorious for good reason and many were rewarded with honours. Julian Thompson, the shrewd and astute head of 3 Commando Brigade, has been very candid since the war ended on the successes and mistakes involved, including his own. It is a pity that Tony Wilson's voice is yet to be heard and that others tell the tale. This book is highly recommended.


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