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America's Mountain Soldiers: 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)

America's Mountain Soldiers: 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)
Autor: Samuel M. Katz
Data publikacji: 1995-10
ISBN: 9789623617147
Wydawca: Concord
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 27.4 x 20.8 x 0.6
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 64
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

W przypadku braku książki w magazynie, czas realizacji zamówienia może wynieść 3-6 tygodni.
Opis produktu:

This book is a good, brief picture book of the 10th Mountain (Light Infantry) Divison that is stationed in Fort Drum, New York; but it is marred by several things-

1)There are few (and I mean FEW) pictures of the 10th MTN in Somalia and Haiti. The 2-14 ("Golden Dragons") of the 10th MTN were the Quick Reaction Force that aided the Rangers is Somalia, as described in "BLACK HAWK DOWN!" but this incident is hardly commented upon in the book.

2)The author interjects his comments on some silly things and repeats himself SEVERAL times about the same issue, over and over again (he suggests changing the webgear from OD to a light brown several times).
Overall, it is a good general overview of the 10th Mountain Division.
"Climb to Glory!"

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