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5538: Special Ops: Journal Of The Elite Forces & Swat Units, Vol. 38

5538: Special Ops: Journal Of The Elite Forces & Swat Units, Vol. 38
Data publikacji: 2006-06
ISBN: 9789623611251
Wydawca: Concord
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 296 x 210 mm,
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 64
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

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Opis produktu:

64 pages, 202 color photos

1) "Semper Fidelis" - USMC in Iraq
In late 2005, the author visited Fallujah, and this article is a compilation of some of the units visited and experiences gained. The weapons, the vehicles, the operational methods of Marines in Iraq are all looked at. While Fallujah was making all the headlines in late 2004, Fallujah and Ramadi are still centers of violence a year later.

2) KSK Sniper

The KSK is the Special Forces asset of the German Army, and it keeps a pretty low media profile. However, the author has been granted exclusive access to the sniper training that KSK undertakes, and readers will obtain a wealth of information about how training is conducted, and the type of weapons used in KSK's varied arsenal.

3) In The Sign of the Scorpion - The Intervention Unit of the Zurich City Police
Zurich is one of the foremost financial centers in the world, and the Intervention Unit Skorpion of the city's police force plays a vital role in protecting the city's status. This article gets up close to the SWAT unit, showing the wide range of equipment and weapons available to them.

4) Greek Rapid Reaction Force

Yves Debay has prepared an interesting survey on the recently formed Greek Rapid Reaction Force. The article discusses recent directions in the Greek Army, and outlines the basic structure and organization of this new RRF. Photos show a wide range of Greek personnel and tactical vehicles as they appeared during a recent Exercise Sarisa.

5) Bombers In Their Sights
- Hunting Suicide Bombers Before They Can Strike With "Yoav"
This article examines the Northern District Counter-terrorist Unit of the Israel National Police. Surrounded by terrorists on every side, Israel relies heavily upon its elite military and police special operations units. "Yoav" covers the territory from the Golan Heights in the north to the Hadera River in the south, and the author was allowed exclusive access to this unit during training and actual missions in the field.

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