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Air Wars Over Khalkhin: Nomonham Incident

Air Wars Over Khalkhin: Nomonham Incident
Autor: Vladimir Kotelnikov
Data publikacji: 2010-10
ISBN: 9781906959234
Wydawca: SAM Publications
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 29.4 x 20.8 x 0.8
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 128
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

Opis produktu:

In May 1939, disputes over the border between Outer Mongolia and Manchuria flared into a major conflict pitting Russia against Japan. Along with ground action, the so-called 'Nomonhan Incident' or 'Khalkin Gol Fighting' ultimately witnessed massive use of airpower by both sides. Published in 2010, Vladimir Kotelnikov's AIR WAR OVER KHALKHIN GOL, THE NOMONHAN INCIDENT is a comprehensive, lavishly-illustrated guide to the largely unknown air fighting that raged between May and September 1939. After providing the background to the Nomonhan fighting, Kotelnikov relates the force build-up, initial air clashes and the missions flown by Russian and Japanese units. More and more units were fed into the conflict, resulting in frequent and massive air battles between I-15s, I-153s, I-16s and Ki-27s. Among the bombers utilized were the Ki-21, Tupolev SB and the ungainly TB-3. Eventually superior numbers and the arrival of combat-experiences pilots resulted in a Soviet victory. Kotelnikov does an excellent job of summarizing the Khalkhin Gol fighting. Originally published in Russian, the book, a 2010 SAM Publications release, is an easy read and quite enjoyable. Kotelnikov takes a fair-minded approach that helps the reader determine who-actually-did-what-when, overclaiming being rampant in the fighting. Visually AIR WAR OVER KHALKHIN GOL is a delight.

The book features dozens of photographs, some previously-unpublished, of Russian and Japanese aircrew, aircraft, armament, crash sites, etc. along with maps. Especially noteworthy are the 18 pages of full-color side-profiles of the aircraft used by both sides. Andrey Yurgenson's profiles of TB-3s, I-153s, DC-3s, SBs, I-16s, R-5s, K-10s, BR.20s, Ki-21s and Ki-27s are magnificent. There have been several books published on the Khalkhin Gol conflict, Kotelnikov's ranking among the best. Though only 112 pages in length, it presents an informative, well-illustrated and entertaining summary of events.

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