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Grumman F9F Panther Part 3 Navy Panthers: Korea and Beyond (Naval Fighters)

Grumman F9F Panther Part 3 Navy Panthers: Korea and Beyond (Naval Fighters)
Autor: Steve Ginter
Data publikacji: 1998-12
ISBN: 9780942612615
Wydawca: Ginter Books
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 0.8 x 20.6 x 26.9 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 133
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

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Opis produktu:

Volume three of the Panther story focuses on the use of the aircraft by the United States Navy. This was the first Grumman jet aircraft to go to sea.

This book covers the History of the squadrons and the men that flew the Navy Panthers.

Some photos show the hazards of landing on a straight deck carrier.

Grumman's sleek, straight-winged Panther was the Navy and Marine Corps' main jet fighter and ground attack aircraft in the Korean War. Steve Ginter supplies a wonderfully-illustrated photo-history of the F9F in GRUMMAN F9F, PART 3: NAVY PANTHERS, KOREA AND BEYOND. Number 61 in the NAVAL FIGHTERS series, #61 is the final volume of Ginter's Panthers trilogy.

After a brief introduction to the Navy's air war over Korea, Ginter describes and illustrates the various regular Navy and Naval Reserve squadrons that flew the F9F. The stateside units are featured first including VU-1, VU-5, VX-3, VF(AW)-4, etc. These are followed by Fleet squadrons such as VF-21 'Mach Busters,' VF-24 'Corsairs,' VF-52 'Sealancers,' VC-61 'Jolly Rogers,' VF-111 'Sun Downers' and VF-144 'Bitterbirds.' Last but not least - since many Reserve squadrons saw combat in Korea - are descriptions for such Reserve units as VF-653/VF-151 'Black Knights,' VF-791/VF-142 'Hammering Hosses' and VF-921/VF-84 'Sidewinders.'

In the case of combat units, coverage varies depending on how many deployments the unit made in Korea. For instance, VF-51 'Screaming Eagles' made three deployments.Their history is detailed in 11 pages with 22 photographs of aircrew, a/c, deck-launching scenes, carrier overflies, etc. By contrast, VF-123 'Blue Racers,' which made only one postwar cruise, is covered in one page with four pix.

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