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ACE 114 KI-61 and KI-100 Aces (Aircraft of the Aces )

ACE 114 KI-61 and KI-100 Aces (Aircraft of the Aces ) ACE 114 KI-61 and KI-100 Aces (Aircraft of the Aces ) ACE 114 KI-61 and KI-100 Aces (Aircraft of the Aces )
Autor: Nicholas Millman
Data publikacji: 2015-11
ISBN: 9781780962955
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 248 x 184mm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 96
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Opis produktu:

Uncover the story of the embattled Japanese Army Air force (JAAF) aces that flew the Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (Swallow), and the Ki-100 Goshikisen. The exploits of Japanese airmen in World War II are difficult to research, but this title provides the latest findings on some of the most remarkable fighter pilots of the war. The Ki-61, codenamed Tony by the allies, was a technically excellent aircraft, whose design differed from the usual Japanese philosophy of building ultra-manoeuvrable fighters for dogfighting, possessing instead power, stability and a good rate of climb. Nevertheless it was plagued by a number of technical issues, exacerbated by the appalling logistic conditions in the theatre it was first thrown into New Guinea, 'The graveyard of JAAF pilots'. As the war moved ever closer to Japan s doorstep, an expedient innovation to the Ki-61 airframe by fitting it with a radial instead of inline engine, resulted in one of the finest fighters of the war - the Ki-100. This book reveals the talent and determination of the ever dwindling JAAF aces, from New Guinea to the final desperate defence of the home islands.


About the Author

Nicholas Millman is one of Britain's leading researchers of Japanese military aviation. In addition to publishing articles in specialist journals, his own range of reference materials and supporting the research of other authors, he runs a website dedicated to the subject which attracts visitors from 175 countries. He is a member of Pacific Air War History Associates, an exclusive international group of authors and researchers working in this specialist field. Having spent much of his working life in the Far East he has an abiding interest in the history of military aviation in this part of the world, and first hand knowledge of the geography, languages and people.


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