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HELMUT WICK: An Illustrated Biography Of The Luftwaffe Ace And Commander Of Jagdgeschwader 2 During The Battle Of Britain

HELMUT WICK: An Illustrated Biography Of The Luftwaffe Ace And Commander Of Jagdgeschwader 2 During The Battle Of Britain
Autor: Herbert Ringlstetter
Data publikacji: 2013-04
ISBN: 9780764322174
Wydawca: Schiffer Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 28.2 x 21.8 x 2.3 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 180
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Opis produktu:

Major Helmut Wick failed to return from a mission over the English Channel on 28 November 1940 and is listed as missing to this day. This fate ended a picture book military and flying career. In just three months Helmut Wick had risen from Oberleutnant and Staffelkapitan to Kommodore of the tradition-rich Jagd-geschwader Richthofen Nr. 2 and with fifty-six victories had become the leading German fighter pilot. At the time he was the youngest Major and Geschwader-kommodore in the Luftwaffe. With statements from witnesses, including former foes, and with more than 220 photographs and documents, some never before published, Herbert Ringlstetter has created a true picture of Helmut Wick. Not only was he a daring and highly-decorated fighter pilot, but the father of two children and a husband who left behind a grieving wife. The photographic account is supplemented by color profiles of the aircraft flown by Helmut Wick and his opponents.

Helmut Wick had one of the most meteoric careers of all Luftwaffe aces. When he was KIA in action in November 1940, Wick was only 25 years old yet commanded an entire fighter wing - JG 2 - and was one of Germany's three top-scoring aces at the time, having earned the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. The life and combat times of this young daredevil are nicely recounted in Herbert Ringlstetter's HELMUT WICK, AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY OF THE LUFTWAFFE ACE AND COMMANDER OF JAGDGESCHWADER 2 DURING THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN.

A straight translation of MAJOR HELMUT WICK, KOMMODORE JAGDGESCHWADER RICHTOFEN NR 2, published in 2000, Ringlstetter's book is a comprehensive biography of this noteworthy ace. Wick scored his first victory in November 1939 and his 56th one year later. He rapidly - perhaps too rapidly - rose in rank and command positions. In combat, Wick was often headstrong and dove into enemy formations, a tactic that doesn't make for long life in the fighter pilot world

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