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Colonial Frontier Guns

Colonial Frontier Guns
Autor: T. M. Hamilton
Data publikacji: 1987-11
ISBN: 9780913150610
Wydawca: Pioneer Pr
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 30 x 22.4 x 1.3
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 186
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Opis produktu:

A study of the early flint muskets in this country. The author examines the relics found at numerous archaeological sites as well as many surviving Dutch, French and English trade guns.

These were three kinds of guns to be found on the Colonial frontier: (1) military guns furnished the troops stationed at forts and outposts; (2) guns of superior quality brought in by officers, explorers, traders, gentlemen adventurers and as presents from the king to native leaders; and (3) trade guns. This large format edition will be of special interest to trade gun enthusiasts. It shows 97 illustrations of early guns, Tulle hunting guns, plan drawings and detailed photo views of individual components. Museum quality firearms, archaeological remains of gun components and facsimile reproductions of original documents are used to explain the role of these guns on the early frontier. A very detailed and well illustrated report. Includes a Chronological outline of the Colonial Fur Trade, an appendix and an index.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

Acknowledgments Introduction A Chronological Outline of the American Fur Trade Supplies Shipped in 1701 to Fort Biloxy: translated by Roy T. Huntington Guns on the Colonial Frontier Dutch French English A Trade Gun of the 1700's: by Lee Burke An 18th Century Chief's Trade Fusil By Richard Wilson, London: by Walter O'Connor Webber's Gun: by John W. Evans Gunsmithing on the Colonial Frontier Barrels, Balls, and Shot The Gunflint in North America The Geology of the Gun Spall: by K.O. Emery, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute History of English Gunflints: by Seymor de Lotbiniere, Brandon, England How English and French Gunflints were made: by Alfred Barnes, translated by Robert and Carol Breazeal Vernon Appendices

Tables Paperback, 186 pages, well illustrated.

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