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The Mystery of E Troop: Custer's Gray Horse Company at the Little Bighorn

The Mystery of E Troop: Custer's Gray Horse Company at the Little Bighorn
Autor: Gregory Michno
Data publikacji: 1994
ISBN: 9780878423040
Wydawca: Mountain Press Publishing Company
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 15.2 x 2.1 x 22.9 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 388
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Opis produktu:

Twenty-eight men of Company E were found dead in a ravine after the fighting ceased. Why couldn't the army find their bones only a few years later? The answers, finally, are at hand.

Gregory Michno began with a history of the growth of the U.S. Army with emphasis on the 7th Cavalry development, and then progressed to an exciting account of the battle itself. He added backgrounds of the soldiers into his narrative as to where they came from and thoughts and conversations they may have had which created a good picture of each one of them in my mind. But throughout it all, he emphasized that his writing was primarily concerned with uncovering why initial accounts said twenty-eight bodies were found in a deep ravine, thought by all to be a ravine called Deep Ravine, while subsequent investigations failed to uncover any artifacts in this particular ravine. By conducting and reporting thorough investigative diggings meant to uncover any such artifacts, and judiciously compiling Indian and white people's accounts, some from survivors of the battle itself, he finally came to the conclusion that none of the soldiers had actually died in this ravine. His assumption was that all through the years, this ravine was mistakenly identified.



About the Author

Gregory F. Michno is the author of Lakota Noon: The Indian Narrative of Custer's Defeat and The Mystery of E Troop: Custer's Gray Horse Company at the Little Bighorn, The Encyclopedia of Indian Wars, and Forgotten Fights all published by Mountain Press, as well as USS Pampanito: Killer-Angel (University of Oklahoma Press), Death on the Hellships (Naval Institute), and Battle at Sand Creek: The Military Perspecitve. He has also written numerous articles in Montana: The Magazine of Western History, Journal of the West, Wild West, and other western history publications.

A member of the Western History Association, Order of the Indian Wars, Little Big Horn Associates, and several other organizations, Michno holds a master's degree in history from the University of Northern Colorado. He lives with his wife, Susan Michno, in Longmont, Colorado.


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