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MAA 397 The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I (2) 1916–18

MAA 397 The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I (2) 1916–18
Autor: Peter Jung
Data publikacji: 2003-11-21
ISBN: 9781841765952
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 248 x 184mm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 48
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Opis produktu:

The part played in the Great War by the armies of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy is little known to English-speakers, perhaps because 1918 saw the complete destruction of the Empire. Yet it was of great importance, providing nearly all Central Powers forces on the Italian front, huge numbers on the Russian front, the Balkans and even a contingent in Turkey and Palestine. This second volume describes this complex organisation from the accession of Emperor Karl I in November 1916, through the victory of Caporetto and failure of the Piave offensive, to the final Armistice. The text is supported by tables and insignia charts, and illustrated with rare photographs and colourful plates.

Military re-organisations, 1916 · Army & Navy air forces · Naval troops · Armoured troops · Uniforms · Representative campaigns - Russian front (Kerensky offensive), Balkans, Italian front (7th-12th battles of the Isonzo, Piave offensive), occupation of Ukraine · Austro-Hungarian troops on the Western Front

Dr Peter Jung was born in 1955 and attended the University of Vienna where he obtained a Doctorate in History. He started working for the Austrian State Archives/War Archives in 1981 and was the head of three departments there. He has written a number of books and articles including Die Feldverwendung der Österreichisch - Ungarischen Gendarmerie 1914/18 and L'ultimo Guerra degli Asburgo, Carso-Basso Isonzo-Trieste. Sadly Peter passed away in April 2003.

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