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GNM The US Army in World War II

GNM The US Army in World War II
Autor: Mark Henry
Data publikacji: 2001-08-25
ISBN: 9781841764238
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 248 x 184 mm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 152
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Opis produktu:

This book combines Men-at-Arms 342: ‘The US Army in World War II (I) The Pacific’, Men-at-Arms 347: ‘The US Army in World War II (2) The Mediterranean’ and Men-at-Arms 350: ‘The US Army in World War II (3) North-West Europe’. When World War II broke out in September 1939 the US Army - starved of resources since 1919 - numbered just 174,000 men. By VJ-Day, 2 September 1945, a total of 8.3 million had served in an army which had risen to a stable strength of 91 divisions. This title explores the campaigns fought by the US Army in the Pacific, the Mediterranean and North West Europe. It covers the variety of uniforms worn, the equipment and weapons used and the organisation of the different units. Particularly interesting units such as mountain, Japanese-American and African-American troops, are also studied.

Introduction · Divisional organisation - CBI, Central and South-West Pacific, mountain & Airborne divisions, Ranger battalions, armoured divisions and corps units · Uniforms - Summer Dress , USA ; tropical combat uniforms; camouflage uniforms; dress browns; ETO jacket; combat woollens; tankers' items; combat vests; headgear; branch colours; shoulder patches, M1943, mountain, airborne; coats & boots; WAC; General officers; NCO insignia; decorations; Tropical equipment · Military police · Rangers · 1st Special Service Force · Black troops · Radios · Heavy weapons · ‘Soft-skin' vehicles · Artillery & tank destroyer equipment & tactics · Recoilless rifles, anti-tank guns · Tanks & tank destroyers · Divisional battle honours · Bibliography · Colour plate commentary · Index

Mark R. Henry is a lifelong student of military history and an experienced re-enactor of many periods. He served in the US Army as a signals officer 1981-90, in Germany, Texas and Korea. He holds a BA degree in History and is studying for his Master's; and is currently the Curator of the US Army Ft Bliss Museum (El Paso, Tex). His special interest lies in the United States armed forces of the 20th century.

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