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ESS 030 The Second World War (3) The war at sea

ESS 030 The Second World War (3) The war at sea
Autor: Alastair Finlan • Mark J. Grove • Philip D. Grove
Data publikacji: 2002-08-25
ISBN: 9781841763972
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 248 x 170mm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 96
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Opis produktu:

This volume provides a comprehensive guide to three major theatres of combat; the battles for the Atlantic, the war in the Mediterranean and the contest in the Indian Ocean. The war at sea was a vital contest, which if lost would have irreversibly altered the balance of the military forces on land. The sea lanes were the logistical arteries of British and subsequent Allied armies fighting on the three continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. The Second World War was ultimately won by land forces but it could always have been lost at sea.

Introduction · Chronology · Background to war: The Second World War · Warring sides: Reluctant adversaries· Outbreak: Opening moves · The fighting: Across the world's seas· Portrait of a soldier: Peter Herbert Owen, Royal Navy midshipman· The world around war: The impact of war· Portrait of a civilian: John Delaney-Nash, merchant mariner · How the war ended: The German fleet is scuttled · Conclusion and consequences: The price of admiralty

Dr Alastair Finlan is a Lecturer in Strategic Studies in the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth, The University of Wales. He has also lectured at the American University in Cairo, Britannia Royal Naval College, Keele University and Plymouth University. His work for Osprey include another title in the Essential Histories series, The Collapse of Yugoslavia 1991-1999 (2004).

Mark J. Grove has degrees in history from the universities of Cardiff and Aberystwyth, and is now Senior Lecturer in the Department of Strategic Studies and International Affairs, Britannia Royal Naval College, and lectures part time in the Department of Politics, University of Plymouth. He has a particular interest in amphibious warfare and contributed a chapter to Till, Farrell and Grove (eds.) Amphibious Operation (Strategic and Combat Studies Institute, Camberley, 11997). He is currently completing an article on amphibious operations during the Russo-Japanese War, and has started work on a PhD project concerned with Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay.

Philip D. Grove joined the Department of Strategic Studies and International Affairs, Britannia Royal Naval College in 1993 following the completion of two degrees from Aberystwyth in the area of Strategic Studies. Since 1993 he has taught at RNEC Mandadon, CTCRM Lympstone and Plymouth University. he is presently Senior Lecturer in the department and working on a series of articles and a Mphil thesis concerning naval aviation in the twentieth century.

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