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Tanks in Detail 7: PzKpfw III Ausf A to N Panzer III

Tanks in Detail 7: PzKpfw III Ausf A to N Panzer III
Autor: Terry Gander
Data publikacji: 2004.02
ISBN: 9780711030152
Wydawca: IAN ALLAN
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 24.6 x 18.3 x 0.6 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 96
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Opis produktu:

The Panzer (PzKpfw) III was originally meant to be a reconnaissance tank but during the early war years it served as the mainstay of the Panzer divisions. The first four marks, Ausf A-D, were experimental and the first production model was the Ausf E. Only 98 PzKpfw Ill's were available for the invasion of Poland in 1939, but this number was rapidly increased with, ultimately, a total of 6,157 PzKpfw Ills being constructed. This title describes in detail the gun tank versions, from the very first lightly armed models that were progressively developed and improved up to those with a 50mm or 70mm gun.

Another great work in a series of great works. If you are a model builder this is the series for you. I especially liked the PzK III book. The book contains details that other books just don't have. There are stats on how many of each type were made and pictures that I've never seen before. The pictures from the assembly line which are really awesome. Diagrams and tech drawings are a real treat. The book is a real treasure trove of info for detail oriented people. There are a couple of very minor flaws that the true expert will pick up on. The one theat keeps getting repeated over and over again (probably since WWII) is the that Zimmerett is an anti-magnetic paste, it really isn't anti-magnetic all- it's about as anti-magnetic as stucco. The average model builder will not even notice, and really the book is worth double the price. Kudos to Terry Gander on a job well done.

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