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War in the Pacific:: The Classified Report of Admiral Thomas C. Hart

War in the Pacific:: The Classified Report of Admiral Thomas C. Hart
Autor: Charles Culbertson
Data publikacji: 2015-10
ISBN: 9780988714571
Wydawca: Charles Culbertson
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 15.2 x 0.7 x 22.9 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 120
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Opis produktu:

It is a small volume, but a lot in there, Admiral Hart was blamed by MacArthur for his own blunders, but Hart did his best to prepare the US Asiatic navy and this is his story.

Admiral Thomas Hart was the chief of the Asiatic Fleet and had the unenviable role of trying to salvage a fleet and keep the Japanese from conquering much of SE Asia. With ships built at the close of WW1, and trying to unite the ships of Britain, Australia and the Dutch, Admiral had a near impossible task. With the loss of air support due to a MacArthur blunder in the Phillippines Hart had to send his ships to sea with out air cover to protect them from the Japanese air forces. Ships without adequate air defense weapons and faulty anti-aircraft ammunition, the ships relied on the skills of the ship captains to evade the Japanese bombs. Admiral Hart also had to contend with a subordinate rear admiral who did not do well as a task force commander. The book paints a bleak picture of the activities of the Asiatic Fleet from Pearl Harbor day to the end of the fleet in early April 1942,

When the Japanese military steamrolled through the Far East in 1941 – a campaign that included the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7 – U.S. Admiral Thomas C. Hart was in command of what was known at that time as the Asiatic Fleet. Suddenly finding himself and the forces under his control facing a merciless, nearly unstoppable enemy, Hart fought back with everything that was at his disposal – which wasn't much. Hart's classic order to the Asiatic Fleet just before the battle of Makassar Strait was, "Submarines and surface ships will attack the enemy, and no vessel will leave the scene of action until it is sunk or all its ammunition exhausted." The resistance, while gallant, was unable to halt the Japanese Empire's bloody march through the Pacific. The Asiatic Fleet, which Hart had commanded since 1939, ceased to exist, and Hart was recalled to the United States for further wartime duty. Based on personal diary entries and the few official documents he had in his possession (everything else had been destroyed by the advancing Japanese), Hart wrote a classified military document detailing everything that happened in the region from before June 1941 all the way up to February 1942. That narrative is reproduced here for the first time. Rich with information about everything from troop and ship movements to military and political wrangling, it is an indispensable reference guide for both the World War II historian and casual reader.

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