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Hawker Hunters at War - Iraq and Jordan, 1958-1967 (Middle East @ War)

Hawker Hunters at War - Iraq and Jordan, 1958-1967 (Middle East @ War)
Autor: Patricia Salti, Tom Cooper
Data publikacji: 2016-08
ISBN: 9781911096252
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 21 x 29.8 x 29.8 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 110
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Opis produktu:

Designed by Sydney Camm as a swept-wing, daytime interceptor with excellent manoeuvrability, the Hunter became the first jet aircraft manufactured by Hawker for the Royal Air Force. It set numerous aviation records, and saw widespread service with a large number of RAF units in Europe and abroad. When the Royal Air Force received newer aircraft capable of supersonic speeds to perform the interceptor duties, many Hunters were modified and re-equipped for ground attack- and reconnaissance missions instead. Because they were deemed surplus to British requirements, most of these were subsequently refurbished and exported to foreign customers so also to Iraq and Jordan.

"Hawker Hunters at War" covers every aspect of Hunter s service in the two countries, from in-depth coverage of negotiations related to their export to Iraq and Jordan, to all important details of their operational service in period 1958-1967. It culminates in detailed examination of their role in the June 1967 Arab-Israeli War (also known as Six Days War ), and extensive tables listing all aircraft delivered and their fates. Almost entirely based on interviews with retired commanding officers and pilots of the former Royal Iraqi Air Force, Iraqi Air Force, and Royal Jordanian Air Force, as well as plenty of unpublished official documents from British, Iraqi and Jordanian archives, the narrative is providing an unprecedented insight into a number of contemporary affairs. Profusely illustrated with well over 100 photographs and 15 colour profiles showing all aspects of camouflage, markings and various equipment, Hawker Hunters at War is the ultimate profile of Hunter s colourful, and action-packed service in Iraq and Jordan during a period when this legendary type formed the backbone of local air forces.


About the Author

Tom Cooper, from Austria, is a military-aviation journalist and historian. Following a career in a worldwide transportation business in which, during his extensive travels in Europe and the Middle East, he established excellent contacts he moved into writing. An earlier fascination with post-Second World War military aviation has narrowed to focus on smaller air forces and conflicts, about which he has collected extensive archives of material. Concentrating primarily on air warfare that has previously received scant attention, he specializes in investigative research on little-known African and Arab air forces, as well as the Iranian Air Force. Cooper has published 18 books including the unique Arab MiGs series, which examines the deployment and service history of major Arab air forces in conflicts with Israel as well as over 200 articles on related topics, providing a window into a number of previously unexamined yet fascinating conflicts and relevant developments.

Patricia Salti - from Great Britain - is a widow of Jordanian national hero and Hawker Hunter pilot 1st Lt Muwaffaq Salti, who was killed in an air combat with Israeli interceptors in November 1966. Over the last 40 years, she has developed into a leading historian of the Royal Jordanian Air Force. Her exclusive contacts and insights enabled her to write a number of official publications and also to cooperate in the project that resulted in the Arab MiGs book series.

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