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SLI 728 The British Airman of the Second World War (Shire Library)

SLI 728 The British Airman of the Second World War (Shire Library)
Autor: Stuart Hadaway
Data publikacji: 2015-10
ISBN: 9780747812227
Wydawca: Shire
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 14.9 x 0.5 x 20.8 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 68
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Opis produktu:

British airmen experienced a wide range of conditions and challenges during the Second World War. They served in every corner of the globe, operating over oceans and deserts, jungles and cities. In this fully illustrated introduction to the subject, Stuart Hadaway examines the experiences of the young men who, as well as carrying out air offensives, had to fly, navigate and defend their aircraft. The expertise of each crew member could be very specific and even within the same aircraft his skills might be incomprehensible to his companions. The work of the Fleet Air Arm and Army air units are also covered, as are the roles of the ground-based staff who offered the support necessary for a successful mission.

Stuart Hadaway's book of the men that served with the RAF is up to the usual excellent standard of his other, more comprehensive books. Unfortunately, the limited space of the Shire series means that only the surface can be scratched, but there's more than enough here to provide many pointers of where the serious researcher can go next. An Excellent introduction to the topic


About the Author

After six years as a curator at the Royal Air Force Museum, Stuart Hadaway moved to the Air Historical Branch (RAF) in 2009, where he is Senior Researcher to the RAF's official historians. His previous publications include 'Missing Believed Killed' and over 50 articles for various magazines, including 'Britain at War' and 'Military Illustrated', and papers for conferences by the RAFHS and British Commission for Military History, among others.

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