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Sturmgeschütz: Panzer, Panzerjäger and Luftwaffe Units 1943-45

Sturmgeschütz: Panzer, Panzerjäger and Luftwaffe Units 1943-45
Autor: Thomas Anderson
Data publikacji: 2017-09
ISBN: 9781472817525
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 24.8 x 20 x 2.9 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 300
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Opis produktu:
During the inter-war years a new kind of support weapon was recommended to the German general staff by Erich von Manstein: an armored assault gun designed to destroy prepared defensive positions and enemy tanks, laying the groundwork for an assault by the Panzers and Panzergrenadiers. First rolled out in 1940, the Sturmgeschutz assault gun was an instant success, and played a vital role in the Wehrmacht throughout the war. Cheaper and quicker to produce than the German Panzers, it was deployed widely and with great success, particularly in the later years of the war, forming an integral part of armored units as well as its more traditional infantry support role. This book traces the story of the Sturmgeschutz from its original design in the 1930s through to its use in the last desperate days of the German war effort. Drawing on original material from German archives and private collections, and replete with over 200 images, tells the thrilling story of the Wehrmacht's unsung workhorse."

About the Author

A German national, Thomas Anderson is a specialist in the German Armored Fighting Vehicle of World War II. He has spent decades trawling the archives throughout Germany and the rest of Europe to discover little-known facts and never previously published photographs of the might of the Blitzkrieg. A modeler, he regularly contributes to popular modeling and historical magazines across the globe including Military Modelcraft International (UK), Steel Art (Italy), Historia Militar (Spain), and Batailles & Blindes (France) as well as many others.

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