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Zero Hour in Broome: The Untold Story of the Attacks on Northwest Australia in 1942

Zero Hour in Broome: The Untold Story of the Attacks on Northwest Australia in 1942
Autor: Tom Lewis, Peter Ingman
Data publikacji: 2012-10
ISBN: 9780957735156
Wydawca: Avonmore Books
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 25 x 17.5 centimetres (0.42 kg)
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 194
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Opis produktu:

The Untold Story of the Attacks on Northwest Australia in 1942. For the first time, examines the actions of senior officials in connection to the second most deadly air attack on Australian soil. This occurred when Zero fighters destroyed 15 flying boats at Broome, some of them packed full of women and children evacuees from Java. Sadly, they made up most of the casualties. At the same time as this horror was unfolding, other flying boats were landing safely in Exmouth Gulf, many miles to the south. So why were all of the flying boats not diverted there? This is just one of the many fascinating questions raised by this publication. The book also profiles the many different aircraft types used during the Broome operations. Other unique reference material includes a list of all of the Broome pearling luggers and their fates as a result of the 'scorched earth' policy imposed by the Japanese threat.

122 illustrations - most in color. 194 pages.

This book is the true story of the attacks in March, 1942 on Broome, Australia. They start with the attack on March 3rd, when nine Zeros came in and strafed the airfield and flying boats anchored in the harbor. Some background is given on the attacking unit, which featured seven pilots who had flown long-range missions from Formosa to Luzon in December of '41. This flight from Timor took the Japanese six hours one-way. There is also detail on the USAAF evacuation procedures as units were heading south to Melbourne, and the efforts of Qantas and the Dutch East Indies Air Forces and Airlines to get their machines out of Japanese held Java. We're then told about the followup attack on March 20th, as well as other attacks on small towns on the northwest coast of Australia, which were likely done to keep the Allies from basing large numbers of aircraft to attack Java. The book is backed up with wonderfully detailed footnotes, and also counters some myths about how many people were evacuated through Broome. There are also many beautiful illustrations of aircraft and ships in this volume. I highly recommend it to tell you about this forgotten chapter of the Pacific war

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