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In the Hands of Fate: The Story of Patrol Wing Ten: 8 December 1941 - 11 May 1942

In the Hands of Fate: The Story of Patrol Wing Ten: 8 December 1941 - 11 May 1942
Data publikacji: 1985-03
ISBN: 23.1 x 15.7 x 2.8 cm
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 23.1 x 15.7 x 2.8 cm
Liczba stron: 364
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this book provided me with a better understanding of the early Naval air campaign in the Pacific. Patrol Wing Ten's men and PBY Catalina planes were in the meat grinder from the very start of the war. Constantly under harrassment from the Japanese invasions, this unit performed admirably as they had to move their bases of operation frequently. The unit was split into many parts and worked from both land and sea facilities at the same time. Every air patrol almost guaranteed contact with superior enemy airplanes. Their ability to perform their role as both scout and rescuer leaves one in amazement considering the stress they were under physically, both sailors and planes.

Keeping a squadron in the air in the face of a superior enemy is tough under any circumstances. To be able to do it while working from the sea with virtually little or no plane maintainance was incredible.

Most are WWII vintage military ships with a sprinkling of aircraft. One particular aircraft was the PBY-5 from Monogram, a 1:48 scale which gives it a 26" wingspan. After studying the instructions about the interior colors, they just didn't seem correct to me. Doing some research on the web I came across a site about PBY's that was quite interesting. I used their "contact us" link and posed my question about the color scheme the instructions called for. Within days I had a reply from a gentleman telling me that the interior color of Navy PBY's was yellow zinc chromate, and he attached a link to a website that has a cutaway display of a PBY-5A. He also mentioned that I might be interested in the book 'In The Hands Of Fate' about Patrol Wing 10 during the first months of WWII in the Pacific. The story about these sailors is just amazing to say the least.

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