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FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World

FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World FN Mauser Rifles : Arming Belgium and the World
Autor: Anthony Vanderlinden
Data publikacji: 2016-11
ISBN: 9780998139708
Wydawca: Wet Dog Publications
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 28.2 x 21.6 x 3.5 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 422
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Opis produktu:

FANTASTIC research/collector/history reference book!! Massive amounts of information about Mauser rifles, Bayonets, accessories, and FN collectable items. If you collect Mauser rifles or FN products this one is a must! This book will give any buyer or seller of FN Mausers and accessories the edge with the knowledge needed for educated auction, online, and store purchases. There is no other source of information that rises to this level!! The book is hard cover and made of high quality material.

An excellent book for anyone with an interest in FN and Mauser rifles in particular, and for all those interested in military firearms in general. Incredible details, never-before seen photographs, an outstanding summary of the history of FN and the Belgian arsenals, and additional details that put the story of the rifles into historical context. Many period photographs of the rifles in military service. All of the FN Mauser models are covered, with descriptions of the salient features of each model, and then discussion of the contracts for each model. All the way through the book are details about accessories and accouterments related to the various rifle models.There is even detailed coverage of special FN Mausers that were not part of military contracts including coverage for pressure testing, and accuracy testing rifles. THIS is now the definitive study on these rifles.

FN Mauser Rifles, Arming Belgium and the World, by Anthony Vanderlinden, is the only book devoted to the history, models, variations, contracts, and accessories of the Mauser rifles and carbines built by Fabrique Nationale and Belgian arsenals. The research for this book took more than seven years and includes the cooperation of FN, the Ars Mechanica Foundation, museums, and collectors. Attention was spent on addressing common misconceptions and detailing factory production processes and historical happenings. This book covers the classic line of FN military Mauser rifles and carbines including contracts for the Model 1889, the Spanish Mauser (1893), Model 1922, Model 1924, Model 1930, and variants. Belgian arsenal models like the Belgian Model 1935 and 89/36 are covered in detail. Training rifles such as the Model 1905 and postwar Model 1930 variants are also discussed among other single-shot sporting rifles. The line of FN Deluxe and Supreme sporting rifles, especially variants imported into the United States, are also included. Much attention was spent on documenting and illustrating FN and Belgian bayonets and explaining common misconceptions. Chapters further cover the history of Fabrique Nationale, the Belgian arsenals, wartime production, and the surprising role of the Belgian riflemen with their Model 1889 Mauser rifles in the Great War. The book is illustrated with more than 1,450 color and black & white photographs; many of the period photographs have never been previously published.

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