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GNM Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916-17

GNM Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916-17
Autor: Prit Buttar
Data publikacji: 2017-08
ISBN: 9781472824899
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 15.3 x 3.8 x 23.4 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 472
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In Russia's Last Gasp, Prit Buttar looks at one of the bloodiest campaigns launched in the history of warfare - the Brusilov Offensive, sometimes known as the June Advance. The assault was intended to ease the pressure on Russia's British and French allies by diverting German troops from the Western Front and knocking Austria-Hungary out of the war. Russia's dismal military performance in the preceding years was forgotten, as the Brusilov Offensive was quickly characterised by innovative tactics, including the use of shock troops, a strategy that German armies would later adapt to great effect. Drawing on first-hand accounts and detailed archival research, this is a dramatic retelling of the final years of the war on the Eastern Front, in which the Russian Army claimed military success but at a terrible cost.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations /List of Maps /Author's Note /Dramatis Personae /Introduction /1. The Fruits of War /2. The Winter Battles /3. Lake Naroch /4. The Quiet Front /5. Brusilov's Offensive Begins /6. The Growing Crisis /7. Dealing with Success and Failure /8. Now or Never /9. Kovel and Stanislau /10. The Advent of Romania /11. The New Front: Romania's Gamble /12. Autumn /13. Budapest and Beyond /14. The Cracks in the Edifice /Notes /Bibliography /Index

About the Author

Prit Buttar studied medicine at Oxford and London before joining the British Army as a doctor. After leaving the army, he has worked as a GP, first near Bristol and now in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. He is extensively involved in medical politics, both at local and national level, and served on the GPs' Committee of the British Medical Association. He appears from time to time on local and national TV and radio, speaking on a variety of medical issues. He contributes regularly to the medical press. An established expert on the Eastern Front in 20th century military history, his previous books include the critically acclaimed Battleground Prussia: The Assault on Germany's Eastern Front 1944-45 (Osprey 2010) and Between Giants: The Battle for the Baltics in World War II (Osprey 2013). Russia's Last Gasp: The Eastern Front 1916-17 is the third book in a four-volume series, the definitive study of the First World War on the Eastern Front.

Promotional Information

Continuing his best-selling series on the Eastern Front, acclaimed historian Prit Buttar explores Russia's explosive final years of the First World War and offers an enthralling account of the costly Brusilov Offensive, a campaign that saw success on the battlefield but plunged Russia into revolution back home.

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