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Napoleonic Artillery

Napoleonic Artillery
Autor: Anthony L. Dawson, Paul L. Dawson, Stephen Summerfield
Data publikacji: 2007-12-00
ISBN: 9781861269232
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 24.8 x 19.2 x 3.4 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 320
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The Napoleonic Wars gripped Europe, and beyond, for over ten years at the beginning of the Nineteenth century. Hundreds of battles were fought between the armies of France (and its allies) and all those powers that wished to see Napoleon Bonaparte stopped in his tracks and an end to the French Empire.

200 black & white illustrations

The battles and sieges of the Napoleonic Wars, which cost the lives of between 3 and 6 million men, made unprecedented use of large guns, and every participating army possessed a range of artillery. With the Wars covering such a long period of time, and with so many armies involved, the subject of Napoleonic artillery is a complicated one, and no work has attempted to examine all the weapons involved in a single, detailed volume. Until now.

The product of years of research, this book presents most of what is known about the artillery pieces of the Napoleonic Wars. Including numerous drawings, contemporary illustrations and modern photographs of surviving guns, it will be an invaluable addition to the library of historians, modellers, wargamers and re-enactors.

Napoleonic Artillery’ is a very focused, comprehensive and well illustrated account of the equipment, ammunition, tactics and organisation, of the artillery of the Napoleonic period.

As a general reader, at which the authors have aimed their book, albeit one who is not entirely uninformed, I am confident that the breadth and depth of the study is about as good as it could be within the constraints of approximately 300 pages, all of which are devoted entirely to the subject matter and contain no superfluous material.

The bibliography lists approximately 240 works, ancient and modern. It also forms a comprehensive reading list for those who want more on the subject and is an excellent ’road-map’ for additional research, for those so inclined.

Further provenance comprises in excess of 400 footnotes containing additional comments by the authors, reference to letters and other documents in various archives at home and abroad, correspondence between the authors and other people, and books, which seems to indicate a systematic approach. This book is, then, comprehensively researched and very well sourced indeed.

The quality of the footnoting is uneven in the case of books where the page numbers are sometimes omitted. It does not make these footnotes entirely useless because in the context of provenance they remain perfectly valid, but what the omission of page numbers does is make it more difficult to trace the original information.

We acquire most of our information through our eyes and this book certainly makes full use of this sense. Inside the front cover is some publisher’s stuff which tells us that in addition to the text there are 84 scale drawings, 23 figures and over 260 photographs - that is a lot. Indeed, every page is filled with text, tables, charts and images - no padding here at all - every available inch is put to good use.

Once past the almost inevitable picture of Napoleon, the contents promises a total of 12 chapters, plus an appendix describing weights and measures, a glossary, notes, a bibliography and an index. I found the index took a little getting used to - it is arranged under subject headings, so if you want to look up ’Windage’, for example, you will find it under ’G’ - for ’Gunnery’.

About the Author

Paul Dawson has written extensively on the guns of the Napoleonic Wars. Resident - West Yorkshire Anthony Dawson has written extensively on the guns of the Napoleonic Wars. Resident - West Yorkshire Stephen Summerfield has written extensively on the guns of the Napoleonic Wars. Resident - Hull

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