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Jena Auerstaedt: The Triumph of the Eagle [DELUXE EDITION] (Hardcover)

Jena Auerstaedt: The Triumph of the Eagle [DELUXE EDITION] (Hardcover)
Autor: Francois-Guy Hourtoulle
Data publikacji: 2005-12-00
ISBN: 9782915239768
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 31.6 x 23.4 x 1.4 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 176
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Opis w j. angielskim:

The Battle of Jena, in 1806, was crucial for Napoleon. Having crushed the might of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at Austerlitz, he now needed to defeat Prussia in order to put all of continental Europe under the control of his First Empire. This was an engagement which Bonaparte could not afford to lose. The result was a crushing defeat for the Prussian forces, both at Jena itself and at nearby Auerstaedt, where Davout bore the brunt of the Prussian onslaughts, yet still won the day despite overwhelming odds. This in-depth study of the events of 14th October 1806 is the classic account of the action. The author places particular emphasis on the merits of the Emperor’s heroic subordinates and the blunders of their adversaries. It is the long awaited reprint of this much sought-after book. First published in January 1999 (ISBN 2-908182-76-9), it has been out of print since July 2003. It is profusely illustrated with colour plates.

Dr. Hourtoulle has methodically told that story, and profusely illustrated it, in this visual treat of a book that is one of the most enjoyable just to look at in my Napleonic library. Both sides are equally represented, and there are reproductions of the superb Girbal plates that vividly punctuate and illustrate the straightforward narrative.

Units, bands, colors, artillery pieces and equipment, all are illustrated in this superb volume. Orders of battle and small biographies, service records, and daata on individuals in the Grande Armee are all throught the narrative, as well as plenty of personality protraits.

What we have been given is a verbal and eye-pleasing treat-all we have to do is take it off the shelf and use it.

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