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An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms of the 19th Century: An Expert Guide to the American Civil War, the Boer War, the Wars of German and Italian Unification and the Colonial Wars

An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms of the 19th Century: An Expert Guide to the American Civil War, the Boer War, the Wars of German and Italian Unification and the Colonial Wars
Autor: Digby Smith, Kevin Kiley
Data publikacji: 2010-03-00
ISBN: 9780754819011
Wydawca: Anness Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 30.2 x 23.6 x 3.4 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 256
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The Contents are -

The Crimean War
- The Thin Red line
- Daily life in the Crimea
- British Commanders and staff
- British Infantry
- British Cavalry: Heavy brigade
- British Cavalry: Light brigade
- British Royal Artillery and Engineers
- Russian General Officers
- Russian Infantry
- Russian Cavalry
- Russian Artillery
- French Infantry
- Chasseurs D’Afrique, French Artillery and Engineers
- Sardinian Troops
- Ottoman Troops

Wars of German and Italian Unification

- Prusso-Danish Wars and Austro_Prussian Alliance
- The Austro-Prussian Wars of 1866
- Austro-Hungarian Troops
- Troops of the German States
- The French Army
- The Wars of Italian Unification

The American Civil War: Armies of the Union

- Rallying around the flag
- General Officers and staff
- Pre-War Miltia
- The Regular Army
- The Volunteer Infantry
- Ethnic Regiments
- African-American regiments
- Artillery
- Cavalry
- Naval Forces
- The Marine Corps
- Union Flags and colours

The American Civil War: Armies of the Confederacy

- Band of Brothers
- Commanders and staff
- Pre-war militia
- State Troops
- Regular Army
- Zouaves
- Infantry
- Cavalry
- Artillery
- Supporting Arms
- Naval Forces
- The Marine Corps
- Confederate Flags and colours

The Boer Wars(surely this is a mistake and should be South Afican wars??)

- The British in South Africa
- First Boer War: British Troops
- First Boer War: Boers
- Zulu War: British Infantry
- Zulu war: British Cavalry
- Zulu war: British Artillery, Engineers and Naval troops
- Zulu war: British Auxilary troops
- Zulu war: Zulu warriors
- Zulu war: Boers
- Second Boer War: British troops
- Second Boer War: Boers
- Troops of the Empire

Wars in the Colonial Empires

- Colonial Expansion
- The Indian Mutiny: British troops
- The Indian Mutiny: Rebel sepoys
- Egypt and Sudan: British troops
- Egypt and Sudan: Mahdi troops
- The Boxer Rebellion: Allied troops
- The Boxer Rebellion: Chinese forces
- The French in Mexico
- The Spanish-American war
- North American Indian wars
- Colonial troops

Over 550 artworks of uniforms, battle plans and campaign maps.

The Crimean War is sometimes considered to be the first modern conflict, and it introduced technical changes which affected the future course of warfare. The uniforms from the period are some of the most colourful and varied in the history of uniformology. In this book there are artworks of familiar Austrian hussars, Prussian dragoons, French chasseurs, American continentals and British grenadiers, but also grim and desperate Boer famers, ferocious Zulu, Apache and Sioux warriors, Boxers from the Chinese rebellion, and rebel Sepoys from the great Indian mutiny. As well as illustrations of the uniforms, equipment and kit, the expert text examines the organization, tactics and experience of the men-at-arms of these pivotal and formative times, where a century of war saw the beginning of a new era.

About the Authors

Digby Smith - Author
Digby Smith was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, in 1935. He spent three years in India prior to the Second World War and another in Pakistan in 1948, following his army family around the globe. He joined the army as an apprentice tradesman in 1951, and in 1961 was commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals and spent over 10 years years in Germany, advancing his interests in German military history. From 1970 - 1972 he attended the German Federal Armed Forces Command and Staff College at Blankenese, near Hamburg. Following a spell in the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, he resigned from the army in 1979 and until 1995 worked in logistics and customer services in the computer and IT field with international companies in Germany, Saudi Arabia and Russia. In 1995 he began to compile the Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book. Digby has been writing on various aspects of military history, from 1792 - 1815 since 1972; his books include Armies of the Napoleonic Era, Navies of the Napoleonic Era, Armies of 1812, Napoleon`s Regiments, 1813, Leipzig, the Battle of the Nations, Charge! and Armies of the Middle East. Many of his earlier works were published under the nom de plume of Otto von Pivka. Digby Smith now lives in Thetford, Norfolk, and is continually improving his knowledge of Revolutionary and Napoleonic military, political and economic affairs, by daily forays into the internet.

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