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A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945)

A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945)
Autor: Paul S. Dull
Data publikacji: 2007-03-00
ISBN: 9781591142195
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 24.9 x 17.5 x 2.8 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 420
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For almost 20 years, more than 200 reels of microfilmed Japanese naval records remained in the custody of the U.S. Naval History Division, virtually untouched. This unique book draws on those sources and others to tell the story of the Pacific War from the viewpoint of the Japanese. Former Marine Corps officer and Asian scholar Paul Dull focuses on the major surface engagements of the war--Coral Sea, Midway, the crucial Solomons campaign, and the last-ditch battles in the Marianas and Philippines. Also included are detailed track charts and a selection of Japanese photographs of major vessels and actions.

Paul Dull's Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1941-1945 is one of those books that is a hidden gem. Few know about it, and it sheds considerable light on topics covered only in musty archives in Washington and Tokyo.

The naval war in the Pacific has been covered by every major historian ad nauseum. Dull, drawing on his knowledge of Japanese and Japanese culture, has drawn his information primarily from the official records of the IJN. This book is a treasure trove of information about Japanese fleet movements, little known battles, and methods of ship to ship combat that both sides used that are glossed over or completely neglected in large histories. Dull is not afraid to criticize Japanese commanders, and assesses Yamamoto, long considered to the be Japan's finest naval officer, to be hesitant, battleship centric, and slow to seek out battle.

This is a phenomenal stand alone work, and serves as a must read for anyone reading about Nimitz or Halsey or the US Navy in WWII. Great appendix with information regarding the names, classes, and fates of all major Japanese surface combatants during the war. Though I am sure there is something we all wish he had addressed(for me the construction and design history of their battlefleet), Dull does exactly what he set out to do. Tell a focused story with new information that has not seen the light of day. For a book published in 1978, it is remarkably fresh and relevant, and was an extremely enjoyable read.


Paul Dull was the first historian to write about the Japanese side of the Second World war, from the perspective of the Imperial Japanese Navy. He did so with skill, using the Japanese records to their fullest, and managed to write a book which encompasses the campaigns of the IJN and illustrates them perfectly with track charts, orders of battle, and some of the finest prose I have yet read. With his work, Dull set the stage for more fine books, but his will remain the measure of all later accounts.

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