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Pfalz Aircraft of World War I (Great War Aircraft in Profile, Volume 4)

Pfalz Aircraft of World War I (Great War Aircraft in Profile, Volume 4) Pfalz Aircraft of World War I (Great War Aircraft in Profile, Volume 4)
Autor: Jack Herris, Alan Durkota
Data publikacji: 2001-03-00
ISBN: 9781891268151
Wydawca: Paladin Press
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 30.1 x 22.8 x 1.2 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 184
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Opis produktu:

Pfalz Aircraft of World War I is the most comprehensive coverage of this German fighter series ever published. Every Pfalz design is detailed, from the early two seaters and prototypes through the classic D.III, D.VIII, and D.XII fighters that saw combat on the Western Front. The book is filled with more than 320 photos, many of operational aircraft and their markings that have never before been published. It includes a lavish, 18-page color section illustrating 62 aircraft, including many that have never before been portrayed in color, as well as excellent five-view scale drawings of 15 Pfalz designs to standard modelers' scales of 1/48 and 1/72.


 Lavishly illustrated through out and containing authoritative text, this volume covers all of the aircraft produced by the Pfalz Company from just prior to 1914 through to the end of the First World War. Following the layout of earlier FMP books this publication is broken down in to three sections- the first section deals with each of the aircraft- with chapters looking at the early monoplanes such as the Parasol fighters, the famous Pfalz designed D.III and D.IIIa and going on to look at some of the forgotten types such as the D.IX, D.X and D.XI before finishing up with the Pfalz D.XII.

Part two of the book presents a series of wonderfully detailed drawings of the aircraft in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. A real "must-have" for the scale modeller.

Part three looks at the colours and marking applied to these aircraft. Typically this is an area of some controversy but it is well dealt with in this publication by renowned authors on the subject. The chapter is then closed with a number of beautiful side and three-view colour illustrations of various Pfalz types resplendent in their unit and personal markings.

My only really minor comment is the lack of detail photos - but this is an area already well covered by the various Albatros publications on the same and similar subjects.

Overall, this book should find favour with aviation enthusiasts and scale modellers alike.


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