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13. (SLOW.) JG 52

13. (SLOW.) JG 52
Autor: Jiri Rajlich, Krzysztof Wolowski, Maciej Noszczak Maciej
Data publikacji: 2007-01-00
ISBN: 9788389450500
Wydawca: Mushroom
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 22.8 x 16.4 x 0.8 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 112
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Opis produktu:

The story of the Slovak Air Arm's 13th Squadron is recounted, from its formation following the break-up of Czechoslovakia, through combat on the Eastern Front as part of JG.52, to homeland defense against the USAAF and then action against its former allies, the Germans. With its history maligned and discredited under Communist rule, the true story of this very successful fighter unit can now be told. Mostly flying Bf109s of various versions, the unit also achieved the final biplane aerial victory as late as 1944, when an Avia B.534 shot down a Ju52.

A reader with a basic knowledge of World War II German Air Force unit designations would probably assume that this is another book about one the elite units of the Luftwaffe's fighter arm. But perhaps the book's title is to its disadvantage. It is actually a history of the 13. Stihaci letka, Slovenske Vzdusne Zbrane, or in English, the 13th Fighter Squadron of the Slovakian Air Force. Slovakian participation in the Second World War is obscure and has been easily ignored. This book attempts to bring to light the history of the Slovakian's most active fighter units and therefore to readdress the previous obscurity. Slovakia came into existence moments before the Germans seized the rest of the former Czechoslovakia in March 1939. Faced with a likely carve up by the Germans and Hungarians, the Slovaks claimed their independence, but did so as an effective ally of the Germans. They inherited one entire Czech Air Force regiment, but most of the pilots were Czech and returned home. This was to the immediate disadvantage of the Slovaks, when Hungarians forces invaded Slovakia and the Germans failed to offer support. The new Slovak Air Force was totally outfought in this border war, but Slovakia survived and the Slovaks began to rebuild. The Air Force and what was to become the 13th Fighter Squadron was ready in September when the Slovaks were the only German ally (apart from the USSR!) to join the German invasion of Poland.
An excelent book then follows the history of the 13 Letka which in 1941 joined the Germans in the USSR. They did so initially with their Czech Avia B-534 biplane fighters, but after one tour of duty they retired to German occupied Denmark to retrain on more modern German aircraft. It was from there that the unit obtained its German designation 13.(Slowakei)/Jagdgeschwader 52. They then continued to fight in the USSR before ending their History back in Slovakia. The book is very detailed, but is written in a clear chronological format with modern research.

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