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The Flags of Civil War Arkansas

The Flags of Civil War Arkansas
Autor: Glenn Dedmondt
Data publikacji: 2009-01-00
ISBN: 9781589801905
Wydawca: Pelican Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 27.7 x 21.3 x 1.3 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 160
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Praise for Glenn Dedmondt's previous books:

"A meticulously detailed resource offering very specific information for history and Civil War buffs, The Flags of Civil War North Carolina is a welcome contribution to the growing library of Civil War studies and could very well serve as a template for similar volumes. "

—The Midwest Book Review

"A good effort that serves to explain the flags these men fought for. "

—Blue & Gray Magazine

"Colorful and well illustrated, and contains much information about each flag. "

—The Civil War News

On May 6, 1861, representatives from Arkansas voted to dissolve their ties with the government in Washington, D.C., feeling that Arkansas belonged with her Southern brothers. Arkansas furnished 65, 000 men to serve in defense of the South, nearly its entire male population. The flags in this work are the symbols of the sacrifices and strengths of these men from the Land of Opportunity.

Despite the large number of companies outfitted in Arkansas, surprisingly few of their flags survive. As a result of detailed research into archived newspapers and other contemporaneous accounts, the author provides here, for the first time, a nearly exhaustive study of the flags and the men who proudly carried them. From the Bonnie Blue Flag, the unofficial state flag of secession in Arkansas, to the First National flag of the Confederate States and the numerous other company and regimental flags the men of Arkansas bore into battle, each banner is presented in full color, accompanied by a history of its unit and creation.

Other books in this series include The Flags of the Confederacy: An Illustrated History, The Flagsof the Union: An Illustrated History, Flags of Louisiana, Flags of Tennessee, and Flags of Texas, all published by Pelican.

Glenn Dedmondt

Glenn Dedmondt spent much of his life in the United States Marine Corps. He has served in, among others, Vietnam; Okinawa; Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii; and Parris Island. He received a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) in Collegedale, Tennessee. He lives with his wife on a farm
in Doniphan, Missouri.

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