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The War In The East: Japan, China & Corea

The War In The East: Japan, China & Corea
Autor: Trumbull White
Data publikacji: 2009-11-00
ISBN: 9781935501084
Wydawca: Lancer
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 216 x 140 mm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 687
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20 b/w photos

“...War is always a curse unless it be waged to advance justice and assure more worthy peace. But if such a war be necessary, the progress of it, the results and the lessons they teach are essential to the student of humanity, in whatever quarter of the globe the battles are...” With these lines begin Trumbull White’s glorious interpretation of the famous “War of the East”, the war with Japan, China and Korea. The emphasis is pretty evident that it treats war as the epistle of a country’s national ingress into world history and if there were a war that could progress any country into this transcendental reality, then the Japan, China, Korea war could perhaps be attributed as the most charismatic of all wars. Some might say it was the high point of British imperialism, this war changed the fortunes of countries hitherto unknown to Western domination. Carefully reconstructed and imaginatively described, The War in the East: Japan, China and Corea was first published in 1885, and is an essential discourse for the “student of humanity”. About the Author Trumbull White was a renowned military historian and author of the period, providing unparalled research into the conflicts of the time.

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