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Tibet: The Lost Frontier

Tibet: The Lost Frontier
Autor: Claude Arpi
ISBN: 9780981537849
Wydawca: Lancer
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 216 x 140 mm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 316
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Opis produktu:

Details the many political fractions currently ruling development in Tibet • In 2007 Tibet received 1.8 million tourists - by the end of this decade, China predicts more than five million visitors a year Tibet was once an independent kingdom but today is part of the People's Republic of China (PRC), with a small part, according to the government of the People's Republic of China, controlled by India. Currently, the PRC government and the Government of Tibet in Exile still disagree over when Tibet became a part of China, and whether the incorporation into China of Tibet is legitimate according to international law. A unified Tibet first came into being under Songtsän Gampo in the seventh century. The government of the Dalai Lamas, a line of Tibetan spiritual leaders, nominally ruled a large portion of the Tibetan region from the 1640s until its incorporation into the PRC in the 1950s. Claude Arpi’s book provides a detailed history of what happened to Tibet during the 1950s, and what events lead to the current difficulties between Tibet and China today, as well as the tumultuous relations between India and China, and the nature of the relationship between India and Tibet.

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