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Allied Artillery of World War One

Allied Artillery of World War One
Autor: Ian V. Hogg
Data publikacji: 2004-10-00
ISBN: 9781861267122
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 190x245 mm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 224
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Allied Artillery of World War One is a well-researched and accessible guide to developments in Britain, France, the United States of America, Italy, Belgium, Serbia and Russia. Topics covered include: Field Artillery; Heavy Artillery; Railway Artillery; Coastal Defence Artillery; Anti-Aircraft Guns and ammunition. With 200+ photographs and diagrams from archives around the world, it will appeal to historians and enthusiasts alike. The clear step-by-step instructions and many templates provided will make it easy for you to produce gifts given with love and wrapped with pride!
Ian V Hogg served in the Royal Artillery in World War Two and became a gunnery instructor in 1953. He joined the School of Artillery in 1963 and retired from service in 1972 with the appointment Master Gunner of the First Cass. After retirement he became a freelance writer and contributor to over 120 books and magazine articles.

This book by the always to be trusted, Ian Hogg, details the allied artillery of WW1, which without such a clear explanation can be a very confusing subject. The book is about the weapons themselves and their capabilites. It is not about how they were used, or artillery tactics, although some of this is discussed. While this might disappoint some, there can be no doubt that by concentrating on the weapons, Hogg has been able to produce an affordable publication which provides most of what you want to know about the guns, nation by nation. Hopefully it will be followed by a similar book on Central Powers Artillery and one on the tactical use of the weapons by all participants. A sadly neglected topic. I rate this book very highly for those just getting into this area of study and for those old hands still trying to sort out the confusion from other publications. Mal.WRIGHT. Battles and Research page for wargamers.

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