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Fortress America: The Forts That Defended America, 1600 to the Present

Fortress America: The Forts That Defended America, 1600 to the Present
Autor: J. E. Kaufmann, H. W. Kaufmann
Data publikacji: 2007-06-00
ISBN: 9780306815508
Wydawca: Da Capo Press Inc.
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 24.9 x 17.8 x 2.3 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 416
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Opis produktu:

Many Americans will be startled to learn that the US has nearly as many old fortifications scattered across its landscape as does Europe. Few of them, it is true, are towering masonry structures like Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, or Fort Mackinac at the head of Lake Huron. Most of these old defenses were hastily constructed of earth and logs during a time of crisis, and the succeeding years have been hard on them. Some of our coastal defense fortresses remain more or less intact, though stripped of their once-fearsome artillery. Other strong points have taken on new identities as hospitals, tuberculosis sanatoria, or government offices. But still, many of the old forts survive and nearly all are a delight to visit. In this book, the Kaufmanns have assembled information about virtually all of these old outposts. The text provides a running commentary on the history of each region, neatly fitting each strongpoint into the larger perspective of the nation's history. Even better, their book abounds in maps, photos, drawings and diagrams, which helps the reader understand exactly why each fortification was designed and located as it was. Occasionally, a reader will discover that one or two favorite historical sites have been shortchanged, there being no diagram or the text being too skimpy. By and large, however, the authors do justice to their subject. This is a book of historical description, and not a travel guide; hence there is seldom much information about the condition of the forts today, if they are suitable for viewing, visiting hours, and the like. It is left to the intrigued reader to make an adventure of scouting out the locations of his particular interest. Age Range: Ages15 to adult. REVIEWER: Raymond Puffer, Ph.D. (Vol. 42, No. 1)

J.E. Kaufmann is the author of six books on fortifications. He and his wife, H.W. Kaufmann, live in San Antonio, Texas. H.W. Kaufmann is the wife of J.E. Kaufmann, the author of six books on fortifications. They live in San Antonio, Texas.

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