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Corsair: 1940 - 1970

Corsair: 1940 - 1970
Autor: Bruno Pautigny
Data publikacji: 2008-04-00
ISBN: 9782913903289
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 229 x 305 mm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 144
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Opis produktu:

A complete illustrated history of one of the most successful aircraft types to emerge from World War 2.

The Vought F4U-Corsair, a real monster of a plane, was used throughout the war and was still in service at the time of the Korean War.

Bruno Pautigny is an expert aircraft illustrator and one of the key figures behind Histoire & Collections' highly successful magazine, Wingmasters.

This will be a dream book for anyone with an interest in this aircraft.


This is a 127 page book, mostly in color. It contains a lot of pictures, but not much text. It covers the whole breadth of the Corsair but with little depth. There are 138 side view drawings including all of the variants painted in the various colors used by the Corsair. There are maps, paintings, and tables and several reproduction of advertisements for the Corsair during the war years. It includes sections of foreign users of the Corsairs and Corsairs used in air races.

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