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GNA Red Eagles America’s Secret MiGs

GNA Red Eagles America’s Secret MiGs
Autor: Steve Davies
Data publikacji: 2008-09-10
ISBN: 9781846033780
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 233 x 152mm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 352
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Opis produktu:

From the mid-1960s until the end of the Cold War, the United States Air Force acquired and flew Russian-made MiG jets, eventually creating a secret squadron dedicated to exposing American fighter pilots to enemy MiGs. In this program, MiGs were secretly acquired and made air-worthy, before selected ace pilots were trained to fly the assets as they were flown by America’s enemies. This book tells the fascinating story of the Red Eagles, using recently declassified information and firsthand accounts from the pilots who took part in the program.

Foreword by General J Jumper · Introduction · Part 1: Acquiring ‘The Assets’ · Chapter 1: Have MiGs, 1968-1969 - Chapter 2: A Genesis for the Red Eagles, 1972-77 - Part 2: Laying the Ground Work ·Chapter 3: Constant Peg and Tonopah, 1977-79 · Chapter 4: The Red Eagles' First Days and the Early MiGs, 1979-81 · Chapter 5: The ‘Flogger’ Arrives, 1980 · Chapter 6: Gold Wings and the Admiral, 1981 · Part 3: Expanded Exposures and Red Flag, 1982-85 - Chapter 7: The Fatalists, 1982 · Chapter 8: Postai’s Crash · Chapter 9: Exposing the TAF, 1983 · Chapter 10: ‘The Air Force is Coming’, 1984 · Chapter 11: From Black to Gray, 1985 · Part 4: The Final Years, 1986-88 - Chapter 12: Increasing Blue Air Exposures, 1986 · Chapter 13: ‘Red Country’, 1987 · Chapter 14: Arrival Shows, 1988 · Postscript · Endnotes · Appendices · Glossary · Index

Steve Davies is a freelance military and commercial aviation photojournalist based in Cambridge, England. He began writing in 2001, and has since authored six critically acclaimed books and co-authored three more. His freelance writing includes a plethora of articles penned for the world’s leading monthly and quarterly aviation publications, and he has also worked on a range of aviation ‘partwork’ magazines that have sold millions of copies globally. He has also worked as a subject matter expert for a range of military aviation documentaries commissioned by terrestrial television channels in the UK and North America, and by the History Channel. His photography has been used not only by the aviation press, but also by leading defence contractors and aviation corporations.

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