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The 451st Bomb Group in World War II: A Pictorial History

The 451st Bomb Group in World War II: A Pictorial History
Autor: Mike Hill
Data publikacji: 2004-09-00
ISBN: 9780764312878
Wydawca: Schiffer Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 28.2 x 21.8 x 2 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 160
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Opis produktu:

 This new book is an illustrated history of the 451st Bomb Group in World War II. As part of the USAAF's 15th Air Force, they flew their B-24 Liberators from Castellucia, Italy to heavily defended targets throughout the Mediterranean theater of war. During their combat tour the 451st was awarded three Presidential Unit Citations for their ability to get to the target no matter what the enemy threw at them.


Claiming one particular bomb group was "the best" is fraught with danger. Yet consider the following: the 451st Bomb Group flew 245 missions in WWII, earning an unprecedented three(!) Distinguished Unit Citations. The 451st was the ONLY 15th AF bomb unit - B-17 or B-24 - to be accorded that honor. The 451st ended the war with the highest bomb score in the entire 15th AF, logging the only non-disputed perfect mission in the entire ETO wherein the Group's red-tailed B-24s placed 100% of their bombs within 1,000 feet of the MPI! The combat history of this exemplary group is well told in this 2001 volume by author Mike Hill, whose dad served in the 451st.

The 451st BG had a brief life, being created in April 1943 and deactivated in September 1945. Flying from Italy, the Group flew its first mission on 30 January 1944 and subsequently hit targets in Italy, Germany, Albania, Hungary, Rumania, Austria, Yugoslavia and France. The Group won DUCs for its 25 February 1944 strike on Regensburg where it suffered six losses, the April 5th mission to Ploesti (5 losses)and the 23 August strike on Markersdorf Airfield in Austria (8 B-24s lost). By war's end the Group had suffered 135 losses.

Two points should be made regarding the book's A PICTORIAL HISTORY sub-title. In point of fact, the book contains a WEALTH of photographs of aircraft, crews, bases, crashes and combat scenes...over 620 photos in all! Secondly, the book isn't just photos; Hill does a fine job of relating the Group's life and times. A 67-page history is followed by 38 pages listing all missions flown and short summaries of all B-24s assigned to the Group.

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