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GNM The Vikings Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder

GNM The Vikings Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder
Autor: Magnus Magnusson • Mark Harrison • Keith Durham • Ian Heath
Data publikacji: 2008-03-05
ISBN: 9781846033407
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 242 x 190mm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 208
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

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Opis produktu:

'What a tapestry this book presents! What a splendid pageant of history and story!' Magnus Magnusson The history of the Vikings is bloody and eventful, and Viking warriors capture the popular imagination to this day. Viking raids reached from Norway to North Africa, they established the dukedom of Normandy, provided the Byzantine Emperor's bodyguard and landed on the shores of America 500 years before Columbus. The authors provide a detailed examination of the Viking Hersir, the raiding warrior of the Viking world, and the famed Viking longship that transported the Vikings through treacherous waters to their bloody raids. This beautifully illustrated book includes new material about the Vikings in North America and the lives the Viking led at home. Contains material previously published in Elite 3, Warrior 3 and New Vanguard 47.

Introduction · Chronology · A history of the Vikings · Viking Hersir · Viking Longship · Conclusion · Bibliography & further reading · Appendices of museums, places to visit etc · Glossary · Index

Magnus Magnusson was born in Iceland but lived most of his life in Scotland. He published more than 30 books, broadcast several TV programmes on Iceland and the Vikings, and translated the Vinland Sagas and many other sagas into English. He was the Lord Rector of Edinburgh University (1875-8), chairman of the Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland (1981-9) and of Scottish Natural Heritage (1992-9), and Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University. He was honoured in Iceland as Knight Commander of the Icelandic Falcon, and in Britain as Knight of the British Empire (KBE) for 'services to the heritage of Scotland'.

Mark Harrison was born in Castleford, Yorkshire in 1954 and has a Bachelor's degree in Medieval Studies from Lancaster University. He has worked as a Curator at the Royal Armouries, Tower of London since 1986 and has a strong interest in the early medieval world. He lives in Colchester with his wife and son.

Keith Durham lives in Northumberland and is the author of Men-at-Arms 279: The Border Reivers. He is also a skilled and respected sculptor of historical miniatures and has produced master figures for a number of companies including Poste Militaire. He has had a lifelong interest in the Vikings and their ships.

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