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The Boxing XF8B-1 Fighter

The Boxing XF8B-1 Fighter
Autor: Jared A. Zichek
Data publikacji: 2006-11-00
ISBN: 9780764325878
Wydawca: Schiffer Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 28.4 x 21.8 x 3.6 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 376
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Opis produktu:

Superlatives come easy when describing Jared Zichek's tribute to the XF8B-1 fighter! Zichek's book is THE definitive history of Boeing's ill-fated giant. And it's largely a one-man tribute since Zichek not only wrote the book, he illustrated it as well. THE BOEING XF8B-1 FIGHTER: LAST OF THE LINE could stand as the benchmark against which other aircraft histories are judged. The research done is quite impressive as is the wealth of illustrations. Though I've been critical of Schiffer prices in the past, this book is worth every penny of its $59.95 price-tag. Zichek's goal was to rescue the XF8B-1 from obscurity and he's certainly done that in spades.

The XF8B-1 was Boeing's late-war attempt to get back into the Navy fighter business. Navy brass pretty much gave Boeing a blank check to design the aircraft. The result was the gargantuan XF8B-1, the only Navy fighter I know of that featured an internal bomb bay! Powered by a massive 3,000hp P&W radial driving counter-rotating propellers, Boeing's fighter was promoted as a triple-threat aircraft, capable of serving as an escort fighter, nightfighter, torpedo-bomber, dive-bomber, etc. Unfortunately the aircraft died a-borning, the oversized, overly-complex XF8B-1 being quickly cancelled since it offered inferior performance compared to types already in service in 1945. Only three protypes were built. Total cost for the XF8B-1 program was over eight million dollars!

Zichek does a bag-up job of chronicling the development and short life of the XF8B-1 in the first 44 pages of the book, which runs to 372 pages total. He then offers a series of appendices on proposed modifications and variants; general arrangement drawings, most of which Zichek drew himself; wind tunnel reports, photos and drawings; mock-up photos; construction photos; general photos; the XF8B-1 Service and Maintenance Manual(!) along with color profiles and artwork of the proposed variants, all done by the author.

You have to give Schiffer Publishing credit. I can't think of any other publisher IN THE WORLD who would have invested the time and money to publish this book. It's a great book. Yet realistically how many XF8B-1 fans are out there??

If you're interested in all things Boeing or rare aircraft, you'll want a copy of this book. I'd give it six stars if possible. It's everything an aircraft history book should be...and then some. Highly recommended.

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