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1066 - The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge & Hastings

1066 - The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge & Hastings
Autor: Peter Marren
Data publikacji: 2002-06-00
ISBN: 9780850529531
Wydawca: PEN & SWORD
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 20.8 x 13.2 x 1 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 176
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Opis produktu:

If ever there was a year of destiny for the British Isles, 1066 must have a strong claim. King Harold faced invasion not just from William and the Normans across the English Channel but from the Dane, King Harald Hadrada. Before he faced the Normans at Hastings in October he had fought and defeated the Danes at York and neighboring Stamford Bridge in September. What dramatic changes of fortune, heroic marches, assaults by land and sea took place that year! This book explains what really happened and why in what is arguably the 'best-known' but worst understood battle in British history. 


This book is an excellent brief introduction to the three battles of 1066 and to 'The Big Three'(the author's term) who fought them: Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William of Normandy.

The book is well illustrated (in black and white) with clear maps and an index. It's hard to see how more information could have been squeezed into the pages. For example there are sections on the contrasting arms, armour and military organisation of the Vikings, Saxons and Normans as well as detailed coverage of the context of the political struggle following the death of Edward the Confessor.

It's particularly good on the first and least known of the battles at Fulford just outside York.

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