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The Persian Invasions of Greece

The Persian Invasions of Greece
Autor: Dr Arthur Keaveney
Data publikacji: 2011-10
ISBN: 9781848841376
Wydawca: PEN & SWORD
Język: angielski
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 152
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Opis produktu:

Exactly 2,500 years ago in 490 BC Darius I, Great King of Persia and the most powerful man in the world, led a massive invasion army (so great it reputedly drank rivers dry as it passed) to punish the interference of some minor states beyond the western borders of his huge empire. That enemy was Athens. The resultant Battle of Marathon was a disaster for Darius and one of the most famous victories for the underdog in all military history. The Persians were forced to withdraw and plot an even bigger expedition to conquer Athens and all of Greece once and for all.  
The second invasion came ten years later, under Darius successor, Xerxes. This led to the legendary last stand of the Spartan King Leonidas at Thermopylae, the sacking of Athens and the famous naval clash at Salamis, which saved Greece. The following year, 479 BC saw the remaining Persian forces driven from mainland Greece at the epic, yet strangely-less-famous Battle of Plataea, one of the largest pitched battles of the Classical Greek world. Dr Arthur Keaveney, an expert on Achaemenid Persia, re-examines these momentous, epic events from both Greek and Persian perspectives to give a full and balanced account based on the most recent research.

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