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Saxon Army of the Austrian War of Succession and The Seven Years War

Saxon Army of the Austrian War of Succession and The Seven Years War
Autor: Stephen Summerfield
Data publikacji: 2012-01
ISBN: 9781907417269
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 210 x 148 mm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 194
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

W przypadku braku książki w magazynie, czas realizacji zamówienia może wynieść 3-6 tygodni.
Opis produktu:

• The first attempt to amalgamate important information on regiment, infantry, cavalry, artillery & staff, uniforms, equipment, flags and organisation in one volume

Continuing this highly praised series on the uniforms of the Seven Years War, Dr Stephen Summerfield has come up with the definitive study of the Saxon army ­ of particular interest as it fought on both sides, as it were.

Bits and pieces of information exist in various books and uniform plates, but this is the first attempt to put all the information together, regiment by regiment - infantry, cavalry, artillery & staff: uniforms, equipment, flags and organisation. There are over 450 illustrations: 66 Flags after Hottenroth and author¹s reconstructions, 50 Uniform and Equipment Details, 125 illustrations after Brauer, Eichhorn, Knotel and Trache, 192 uniform schema after Eichhorn and Trache, 13 Horse Furniture & 5 Scale plans.



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