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Marines in Hue City: A Portrait of Urban Combat, Tet 1968

Marines in Hue City: A Portrait of Urban Combat, Tet 1968
Autor: Eric M. Hammel
Data publikacji: 2007-01
ISBN: 9780760325216
Wydawca: Motorbooks International
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 28.4 x 24.6 x 2.1 cm
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 168
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Opis produktu:
This spectacular book is the first of it's kind - an illustrated history of the fierce fighting on the streets of Hue which contains over 200 amazing images! Marines in Hue City covers all phases of the battle, form the opening shots and the marines arrival to the "six-block war" and the siezure of the citadel. Block by block the U S Marines moved through the city, fighting hard for every square inch and this book takes you with them every step of the way! The real diehard MBC members will quickly take note of the detailed city maps of downtown Hue and the Citadel which provided overall context of the battle, and allows them to connect the book's images with the battle zome. And in adittion to describing all the tactics and weaponry used by the Marines, authro Eric hammell provides an extraordinary detailed caption for every picture. marines in Hue City is a multi-layered experience every 'Nam buff out there will appreciate. --Military Book Club

Hue is the former Imperial capital of Vietnam, spared from conflict for decades until January 31, 1968. On this day, the start of the lunar New Year, a national holiday, and marked by a mutual ceasefire, the North Vietnamese launched a massive strike - the now-infamous Tet Offensive. Hue was overrun, with the only troops available to counterattack being a handful of Marine companies eight miles south of the city. This photographic history captures the savage battle that followed for four excruciating weeks. The Marines of Task force X-Ray fought house by house, street by street to take the city so central to Vietnamese life. Through photographs taken in the heat of the action, readers will follow one of the war's most important campaigns, as inch by inch ground is gained and every alley, street corner, window and house could be the last. 

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