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My Reminiscences of East Africa

My Reminiscences of East Africa
Autor: Paul Emil Von Lettow-Vorbeck
Data publikacji: 2010-03
ISBN: 9781440078378
Wydawca: Forgotten Books
Wymiary: 22.8 x 15.4 x 2.8 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 370
Produkt chwilowo niedostępny.

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Opis produktu:

PREFACE I N all the Gennan colonies. though but a few decades old, a life full of promise was discernible. We were beginning to understand the national value of our colonial possessions; settlers and capital were venturing in; industries aDd factories were beginning to flourish. Compared ~;th that of other nations, the colonizing process of Gem1any had progressed peacefully and steadily, and the inhabitants had confidence in the justice of German administration. This development had barely commenced when it was destroyed by the world war. In spite of all tangible proofs to the contrary, an unjustifiable campaign of falsehood is being conducted in order to make the world believe that the Gennans lacked colonizing talent and were cruel to the natives. A small force, mainly composed of these very natives, opposed this development. Almost without any external means of coercion, even without immediate payment, this force. with its numerous native followers, faithfully foll 

Table of Contents: 
CONTENTS; PART I; EVE~TS PREVIOUS TO THE ARruV~L OF THE; Soun! AFRICAXS; CHAPTER 1: BEFORE THE OUTBREAK OF V AR ; Rcfiections on the duties and purpose of the PrOlecth'e Force; Details of the defensive capacity of the Colony Distributio~,; armament and training of the Force Military emplormt'nt and; mentiilattitude of the natives Economic "'alue oCthe couotr)', :llld; furtherance of the economic power of tbe natives Horse·breeding; and hunting Se'eral tours of inspeClioll ~atio:lal propaganda; on the part of subsequently hostile ~Iissions in the neighbouring; territories; CHAPTER II: THE BEGI~SI~G OF TIlE V AR; Arrival of Dews of mobilization Participation in the war or; neutrality? The strength of the Prot~tive Force and the English; casualties The English Consul and his acli'ity The Covernor of; lbe Colony the supreme military anthority and the defence of the; coastal towns Preparations for mobilization Lines of communication 

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