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Captured French Tanks Under the German Flag

Captured French Tanks Under the German Flag
Autor: Werner RegenbergQ, Horst Scheibert
Data publikacji: 1997-08
ISBN: 9780764302657
Wydawca: Schiffer Publishing
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 48
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Opis produktu:

Text: English (translation)
Original Language: German

One volume in a series on German employment of captured equipment--the so-called "booty panzers"--during the Second World War. This is about 50 pages of text and contemporary photographs showing the armor in German service or immediately after recapture while still showing German markings. The illustrations are plentiful and possibly comprehensive. The text includes material on how the tanks were reconditioned, modified, painted and marked and employed by German forces. There are also five drawings and a cover painting to show how particular types looked in German service. Considerable time is spent on any changes to the shape of the vehicle--stowage containers and the replacement of cupolas with hatches, for instance--making the book invaluable for the military modeler interested in the topic. There are other books on the topic outside the series, but this is far and away the best volume I've seen on Germany's use of the 1940 windfall.
Nits to pick: really very few. Since the work isn't footnoted one doesn't know quite were to go on disputed points: Regenberg says the Renault factory reconditioned captured R-35's. I've also read the opposite. I would have appreciated a bit more on the tanks given to the rest of the Axis. (It's not as though I could reasonably expect CAPTURED FRENCH TANKS UNDER THE ITALIAN FLAG as a companion volume.) Regenberg also seems a bit inconsistent on the fate of the R-35's--all converted for towing vehicles in 1942? Still guarding the Channel coast in 1944?--and he clearly has some sort of early 1945 list of all German tanks, which I wish he would print once and have done.


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