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D-Day Landing: The Falaise Pocket: Defeating the German Army in Normandy

D-Day Landing: The Falaise Pocket: Defeating the German Army in Normandy
Autor: Paul Latawski
Data publikacji: 2012-05
ISBN: 9780752476636
Oprawa: 2012-05
Liczba stron: 192
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Opis produktu:

Following the German counterattack at Mortain on 7 August 1944, Generals Omar Bradley and Bernard Montgomery decided to engage in a wide encircling movement, to trap the enemy divisions that were trying to advance westwards. XV US Corps entered Le Mans on 8 August and then advanced rapidly northwards. Meanwhile, Montgomery had broken the German front south of Caen despite stiff resistance. The Canadians of II Corps bore down on Falaise, eventually capturing the town of 16 August. Together with 1st Polish Armoured Division, they then accelerated their advance, seeking to meet American forces moving northwards. With well over 100,000 Germans in danger of encirclement, Hitler gave permission for a general withdrawal. Under the combined pressure of the Americans and French to the south, the Americans and British to the west and the Canadians and Poles to the north, the net tightened inexorably. By 21 August the Falaise Pocket was all but shut, confirming the defeat of the German Army in Normandy.

 Packed with colour and detailed maps, these are the must-have guide for any armchair historian or battlefield tourist.

PAUL LATAWSKI is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Defence and International Affairs at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He specialises in Central and East European security issues. 

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