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Autor: Sam Olsen
Data publikacji: 2012-06
ISBN: 9789185657179
Język: angielski
Oprawa: twarda
Liczba stron: 400
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Holding the Red Tide at Demyansk and Cholm 1942

On the 5th of December 1941 Stalin launched a massive counter attack against the exhusted German troops positioned on the doorstep to the Sovier capital. The Soviet forces smashed through the thin lines, sending many into a fully fledged retreat and pushing deep into their rear areas. The fate of the whole of Army Group Centre hung in the balance.

Two positions, on the orders of the Hitler himself, stood defiant, surrounded by Stalin’s forces – deep behind enemy lines. In the small town of Cholm ’Kampfgruppe Scherer’, a force some 5000 men strong from all branches managed to defend an ever shrinking perimeter against ceaseless attacks of the Red Army.

At the same time II German Corps with the notorious Waffen SS division ”Totenkopf” in the vanguard, managed to hold a much larger area around the small town of Demyansk against even larger Red Army formations.

Both locations were completely surrounded by the Red Army. Both locations could only be supplied by the air. And the effects of both battles would be seen for the rest of the war in Germanys flawed “hold at all costs”-defensive strategy.

· A unique study of two battles that decided the outcome of the Soviet counteroffensive outside Moskow in 1942, and that had a major influence on how the Germans conducted the encirclement battle at Stalingrad later the same year.
· Complete Order of Battle for both sides and all major units participating.
· Highly detailed description on the tactical level of the battle.
· Artwork and profiles by Nicolas Colacitti and Laurent Lecocq
· Appendixes of all technical and operational aspects.
· Many unpublished photos

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