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Berlin at War: Life and Death in Hitler's Capital, 1939-45

Berlin at War: Life and Death in Hitler's Capital, 1939-45
Autor: Roger Moorhouse
Data publikacji: 2011-08
ISBN: 9780099551898
Wydawca: Vintage Publishing
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 19.6 x 13 x 3.6 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 464
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Opis produktu:

Berlin was the nerve-centre of Hitler's Germany - the backdrop for the most lavish ceremonies, it was also the venue for Albert Speer's plans to forge a new 'world metropolis' and the scene of the final climactic bid to defeat Nazism. Yet while our understanding of the Holocaust is well developed, we know little about everyday life in Nazi Germany. In this vivid and important study Roger Moorhouse portrays the German experience of the Second World War, not through an examination of grand politics, but from the viewpoint of the capital's streets and homes.He gives a flavour of life in the capital, raises issues of consent and dissent, morality and authority and, above all, charts the violent humbling of a once-proud metropolis.  

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