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MAA 485 Polish Armies of the Partitions 1771-94

MAA 485 Polish Armies of the Partitions 1771-94 MAA 485 Polish Armies of the Partitions 1771-94
Autor: Vincent Rospond
Data publikacji: 2013-01
ISBN: 9781849088558
Wydawca: OSPREY
Język: angielski
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 48
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Opis produktu:

 The tragic national epic of Polish history began in these late 18th-century wars. Under Poland's Saxon monarchy, Russia and Prussia constantly meddled in the affairs of the Kingdom. In 1768 a civil war broke out between pro-Russian 'Commonwealth' Poles and 'Confederate' patriots who opposed foreign intervention; Russia intervened directly, and the First Partition followed in 1772. Guerrilla resistance continued, and anti-Russian political moves were snuffed out by a second Russian invasion in 1792. Following a Second Partition between Russia and Prussia in 1793, Poland's national hero Thaddeus Kosciusko led a national uprising against the invaders in April 1794. After remarkable victories against the odds at Raclawice and Warsaw, the patriots were finally defeated by the combined armies of Prussia and Russia at Maciejowice. This led to the Third Partition of 1795, between Prussia, Russia, and Austria, and Poland ceased to exist as a political nation. Featuring specially commissioned full-color illustrations, this is the epic story of Poland's doomed struggle to remain independent in the face of aggression from its neighbours in the late 18th century.

  • Introduction
  • Decay, 1718–60
  • The Confederation of the Bar, 1768–72: Commonwealth Army under Stanislaw Augustus – Confederate army – course of the war – First Partition
  • The Army, 1772–88
  • Defense of the Constitution, 1788–92: Organization – strategy and tactics – course of the war – Second Partition
  • Army of the Insurrection, 1793–94: Kosciusko – the peasant rising – course of the war – defeat – Third Partition
  • Polish soldiers in exile
  • Bibliography
  • Index



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