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Who Was Who at Waterloo: A Biography of the Battle

Who Was Who at Waterloo: A Biography of the Battle
Autor: Christopher Summerville
Data publikacji: 2007-06
ISBN: 9780582784055
Wydawca: Longman
Język: angielski
Wymiary: 23.3 x 17.3 x 2.6 cm
Oprawa: miękka
Liczba stron: 488
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Opis produktu:

'For Waterloo addicts, this biographical compendium is simply unmissable.   Meticulously researched and expertly organised, it represents a quite wonderful resource for both amateur and professional historians alike.' Saul David, author of Military Blunders and Victoria's Wars. 

'An invaluable guide to the men who fought at Waterloo.  A rich mixture of biography laced with anecdote, this book is founded in a deep understanding of this most iconic of battles and the armies that clashed in it.'  Richard Holmes, author of Firing Line and Soldiers.


Everyone knows about the Battle of Waterloo – or do they?

After Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington wryly observed: 'If writers would adhere to the golden rule for a historian, viz. to write nothing which they did not know to be true, the Duke apprehends they would have nothing but little to tell.'

When it comes to Waterloo this observation contains great wisdom; much of what we feel we know about Waterloo today is fiction. In this myth-busting exposé of the battle, Christopher Summerville brings us nearer the truth: that there are as many facets to the battle as faces on the field. 

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